Dumaguete 6, 600 ‘Balut’ Buried

6,600 ‘balut’ (duck embryo) were disposed by the Bureau of Animal Industry in Negros Oriental due to recent alert for bird flu virus. The 22 crates of balut was worth Php 120, 000.

Balut Buried

The balut arrived at the Dumaguete Seaport Monday night and were placed at the port area until noontime of Tuesday. The shipping of the balut were supplied from Luzon. Roxanne Pahayay, the balut receiver, was asked by the Bureau of Animal Industry to bury the baluts after Dr. Alfonso Tundag, veterinarian, examined the crates of balut.

The balut receiver, Roxanne Pahayay, said that she was assured of the safe consumption of the baluts after blood samples were taken before the shipment. She also mentioned that she was had her balut supplied from Candaba and Pangasinan both in Luzon. The 6, 600 pieces of balut were supposed to supply the vendors from Dumaguete, Siaton and Santa Catalina here in Negros Oriental.

For safety reasons of the ‘balut’ consumers here in Negros Oriental, the baluts have been successfully buried under the very ground of the quarantine office compound with the presence of Dr. Tundag and other government personnel.

Knowing Bird Flu Virus

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 or bird flu is a virus that is deadly for any birds and can easily spread though domestic poultry. Humans can be affected by this virus as well. Since the discovery of bird virus, no efficient cure has been made. There are vaccines available for the public to immune the human body. Bird flu is a virus that can cause breathing problems, high fever, diarrhea and vomiting.

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