Don Bosco’s Sikadagan 2016

St. Louis School Don Bosco will be celebrating their 49th Founder’s week celebration from January 23 to January 31. In accordance to this, the celebration of the Sikadagan plays an important role in the week celebration.

What is Sikadagan?

The Sikadagan is a race. Sikadagan is a derived local word Sikad (paddle) and Dagan (run). Sikad or paddle (paddling) is the term used to describe the race for all the participants who will join the bicycle race, while Dagan or run (running) are for the runners.

This “marathon” type of activity started on the school year of 2013-2014. The term “Sikadagan” was shipped together by the school government of the said school to enhance the festivity and merry making of the school’s founder’s week.

Dagan category

For this year’s Sikadagan, the runners or the Dagan will have to run from the school’s starting line up to the old Caltex gasoline station, then a right turn going to Hypermart. Runners will have to run straight ahead until the road going to the old Bagacay Cemetery, and then straight ahead going back to the school. Rubber bands with designated colors are given to the runners upon reaching the 5 points of Dagan. All in all the Dagan is about 5.47 kilometers of running.

Sikad category

The Sikad or biking category, which still goes up the road of Hypermart and around Junob and back to the school, is around 6k of cycling. The Sikad category went 10 minutes ahead of the Dagan participants. Runners and bikers will be provided with water stands in front of 7/11.

In the Sikadagan race, the first 100 participants to reach the finish line in both Sikad and Dagan category will be given a medal. The first three contingents on the other hand will receive cash of P1, 500 and P1, 000 and P 500 to the first, second and third winners respectively.

The Sikadagan was schedules to start at 5 o’clock in the morning of January 23 with a dance warm up for all participants. Then after the dance the Sikad participants go off the road and start paddling their way up their 6k. After 10 minutes, its the Dagan participants turn to hit the road and run their 5.47k.

Some winners of the Sikadagan 2016 include Iann Marcus C. Tizon (Sikad) and Lycille Patrocinio (Dagan).

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