2015 records of visit in Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City, commonly known as the “City of Gentle People”, has increased by an incredible 805% in booking during the 2015 vs. 2014 records. Dumaguete City was named in one of the most successful and famous magazine, Forbes Magazine, as the fifth best place to retire in the world.

According to Agoda.com (online travel agency), Dumaguete City is quoted as the top of the list “must-visit” place in the world. The top list includes five cities in Japan, two in Thailand, one in Vietnam and one in the Philippines (that is Dumaguete City).

“It’s a very big honor. I’m happy that all of a sudden, we learned that Dumaguete is now a preferred destination for independent Chinese tourists,” Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria of Dumaguete City said upon hearing this news to one of the interviewers.

The proud mayor also said that the city is very well privileged on the different culture and traditions the city has preserved for so long. He also mentioned special thanks to the neighboring city’s agreement with Amlan Country, USA and Youngdong Gun of Korea.

The launching of the first-ever project under their partnership called The Alameda-Dumaguete InstaScram Mobile App Development Contest, or simply InstaScram Contest was confirmed last week by Mayor Sagarbarria and other government officials through a Skype conference.

Sagarbarria also said that because of Dumaguete’s tie up with Alameda, a big delegation of the Filipino Medical Association of Alameda will be coming to do a free medical mission by January next year. In which the City of Yeoungdong Gun, South Korea, will also be giving 100 computers to Dumaguete City.

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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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