Noreco II Issues Disconnection Guidelines

Guidelines were issued by the Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative II (NORECO II) Thursday on matters related to disconnection, retirement and termination of electric service according to the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers promulgated by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

In a press release issued by NORECO II, grace periods will give the consumers time to settle their accounts prior to disconnection.  Nine days after the receipt of the bill and another seven days after due date is given for this is enough time for the consumer to pay their bills.  After this, the account will be delinquent and be subject to disconnection of electric service.

For disconnection, a notice will be issued giving the consumer another 48 hours to settle the account.  However, should disconnection occur, retirement of electric service (removal of all facilities that provide electric service) will commence if the consumer has not settled after 30 days from disconnection.  Electric service contract is still in force during retirement.  Termination of electric service contract will happen if disconnection was due to unpaid bills and has not been reconnected within three months.

Surcharges and interest fees are collected for delinquent accounts.

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