Crimes in Dumaguete Declining

DUMAGUETE: For three consecutive years, the crime rates in Dumaguete City has continuously declined thanks to the teamwork shown by Local Government Units (LGU), Philippine National Police (PNP) and of course the public. The crimes in Dumaguete City have tremendously declined from a number of 4, 125 to 1,591 cases.

The Crime Solution Efficiency has also improved from 63.57% in the year 2015, 72.78% in the year 2016 to 79.1% in the year 2017.

Drugs – Gambling – Motorcycles

The newly assigned Chief-of-Police Supt. Jonathan Pineda have recently shared the number of arrests they have made in the year 2017. According to the Chief-of-Police, 105 anti-illegal drug operations were made and out of these operations, 114 drug pushers and 21 users were arrested. The illegal drug nabbed was mainly Methamphetamine (shabu) amounting to a total of 1,400.42 grams worth PHP 13.9 Million.

During the operation Oplan Tokhang (the request for drug users, pushers & sellers for surrender), a total of 921 people surrendered back in 2017. 854 of them were users while 67 were pushers. They are under the regular monitoring system of the PNP (Philippine National Police), for both the safety of the public and themselves.

Other crimes that were listed from last year included the 7 yielding of loose firearms and 34 arrests for illegal gambling. A number of 1,046 motorcycles were also apprehended during the operation of Oplan Bakal and Oplan Sita.

More Crimes to be Defeated?

By this year, 2018, more crimes are expected to be resolved with the installation of high-definition Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras around Dumaguete City. Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo is also pleased with the dedication and potential skills the newly confirmed Chief-of-Police Supt. Jonathan Pineda has to offer for the city.

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