Dumaguete CCTV installation in 6 to 7 months

The promised Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV will soon be installed within the next 6 to 7 months. There will be an expectation of 350 high definition CCTV that would make clear records of current occurrences to help solve and prevent crimes.

Dumaguete CCTV – Renting Safety

The news of purchasing or renting CCTV cameras was dated back in early June of this current year. Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo have tackled with the city council to whether buying the whole equipment for PHP 70 Million pesos or just renting them for PHP 7 Million pesos annually.

The city council has taken consideration of fully purchasing the equipment, however, the city mayor pleaded them to cancel purchase after a group of students in their masterals in Silliman University College of Business Administration have given a study of greater benefits of just renting the CCTV equipment.

Installation of CCTV

The most awaited CCTVs will soon be installed as the means to prevent and solve crimes, enhance traffic management and provide graphic information during calamities in real time,” Dumaguete City Mayor Remollo promisingly said.

The opening of bids for the CCTVs will be made before the 2017-year ends, while the pre-bid conference will take place within next week. The 350-high definition CCTV equipment will be installed in 30 (major and minor) barangay intersections around the city within 6 to 7 months. This will help solve and prevent any further crimes. The CCTV is said to enhance traffic enforcement and reduce actual and physical assessments and create a more efficient working time for all the traffic enforcers.

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