Swim and Save 3.0 in Dumaguete City

The Swim and Save 3.0 in Dumaguete City was held earlier this month. A total of 343.5 kilograms of non-biodegradable waste were gathered during the coast clean up in Barangay Calingdagan and Tinago. About 129 volunteers joined in the clean-up.

Swim and Save – Dumaguete City

The “Swim and Save” movement is founded by the Dumaguetenos Fearn Ann Acibo, Wayne Banaybanay, Ivan Cristopher Cordevilla and Ben Marc Catubig who come from various universities in Dumaguete but have a common vision of a united community that works towards marine conservation and cleaner seas, as well as foster human health and safety. This event, in collaboration with the Energy Development Corporation (EDC), targeted three key areas for cleanup including the Banica estuary and its surrounding waters.

Coastal Clean Up in Dumaguete

The clean up made by the Philippine Coast Guard resulted to the collection of hundreds of water trash mostly made up of plastic bags, food wrappers, straws, cigarette butts, used diapers, nylons, and fishnets. The Save the Seas event also featured a pre-cleanup training on marine conservation and inculcate environmental awareness with the speaker, Rhyn Anthony Esolana emphasizing on the 4R’s (Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse).

Calindagan Barangay Chief, Ma. Isabel Sagarbarria also said that their community conducts regular coastal cleanups at least once or twice a month. The EDC’s production head, Debonaire Mamhot, stressed the importance of community participation.

We need to collaborate with other partners, particularly the direct communities affected, to ensure trash-free seas and coasts and hopefully, this will lead to the eventual establishment of the waters as a Marine Protected Area,” Debonaire Mamhot said.

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