Dumaguete Reaches 30% Vaccination on Target Population

Dumaguete City has at least vaccinated 30,395 residents who are part of the 100,542 qualified individuals. That is 30% of the target population in the city.  Vaccine brands that were given are Sinovac, Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Sinopharm, Moderna, and Janssen.

Target Population in Dumaguete City

The target population in Dumaguete City, and in the Philippines, are of course the frontliners, senior citizens, people with comorbidities, and indigents. They are categorized as A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5 respectively.

Approximately 7,998 individuals have received their first dose of the vaccine. This brought to a total of 38,396 residents who have already been vaccinated under the following categories: (A1, medical frontliners) 2,583; (A2, senior citizens) 7,491; (A3, persons with comorbidities) 8,335; (A4, frontline personnel) 12,177; and (A5, indigents) 7,810. City Health Officer Dr. Maria Sarah Talla said 827 residents were vaccinated in the two vaccination sites at Robinson Mall and Pulantubig Gymnasium on October 4.

As of October 12, 2021, there are a total of 152 active COVID-19 cases, 3,389 recoveries, and 97 deaths in Dumaguete City. Meanwhile, according to the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental Facebook page, there are a total of 2,317 active cases, 12,905 total recoveries, and 317 deaths in the province.

Vaccination Report in Negros Oriental

In the province, a total of 146,228 individuals received their first dose, while 151,161 individuals are fully vaccinated as of October 12, 2021. Below is the Vaccination Report for the different categories of priority in the province.

A1 – 28,515 (first dose) – 29,451 (fully vaccinated)
A2 – 28,765 (first dose) – 35,525 (fully vaccinated)
A3 – 22,241 (first dose) – 40,384 (fully vaccinated)
A4 – 54,602 (first dose) – 38,315 (fully vaccinated)
A5 – 12,105 (first dose) – 7,486 (fully vaccinated)

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