Palm Sunday in Dumaguete City – Holy Week 2019

Dumaguete City celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday April 15, 2019, with grand mass services at the City Cathedral. The majority of people in the city are Catholic and Christians, thus, Dumaguete will be loaded with prayers and religious practices for the holy week 2019.

What is Holy Week?

Holy Week, in both Christian and Roman Catholic community, is the week just before Easter. It is also the last week of Lent. It celebrates Palm Sunday, Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. After the holy week, Easter Sunday is celebrated.

Palm Sunday in Dumaguete City

Palm Sunday is celebrated as referenced in the bible where Jesus is welcomed with palms. In Dumaguete City, Quezon Park and the Dumaguete Cathedral was surrounded by palm leaves. People lined in front of the church to sell palm. Mass services were held the whole day in different languages (English, Tagalog, Visaya or Cebuano)

Candidates for 2019 Election Attends Holy Week 2019

Even the candidates for the 2019 Elections this May 13 came and joined in the start of the Holy Week. They gave their respects to the celebration along with their opposite party list and competitors. The Dumaguete candidates attend the Candidates Forum with their vice mayoral bets. The candidates for both national and local races will pause their campaigning and join the Holy Week celebration.

The candidates are to suspend their respective campaigns on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday or on April 18 and 19 as mentioned by the Commission on Election in compliance to the Omnibus Election Law. This prohibition is similar in 2016 and in previous other elections. If any of the candidates violate this, he or she can be charged with an election offense that carries up to six years imprisonment, disqualification from running for public office and removal of the right to vote.

The campaign for senatorial candidates and party-list groups started last February 12, while those running for local positions started on March 29. Campaigning ends on May 11 or two days before the May 13 midterm elections.

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