Support guaranteed for the barangay Liga

The continued support for the Liga ng mga Barangays in the city was very much put to priority by our beloved Dumaguete City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria.

“Whether or not I am your mayor, my heart will always be in the city of Dumaguete,” Mayor Sagarbarria said during the Christmas party of the Liga ng mga Barangays.

During the past five years and half, Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria has worked very hard with the barangays to promote bottom up management style. Within these years, he also considered the barangays officials as his own political family.

The guaranteed support

According the city mayor, he made a great difference in the life of the city. It truly is the City of Gentle People and the best retirement place in the country he added.

Aside from the regular ten million pesos for their discretion to be divided correspondingly to all the barangays depending on the size of the population, Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria mentioned that a considerable amount of money will be preserved for the barangays in next year’s budget. With each barangay being allotted two million pesos (P 2, 000, 000.00) for road concreting projects, the mayor said he is ready to end his duties as mayor.

With this, the mayor assures that it would be a very busy year for the city engineer’s office even as funding will also be appropriated for flood control projects to make sure residents along the stretch of Banica River will be safer this time.

In his last Christmas message as the mayor of Dumaguete, Manuel Sagarbarria capsulized his accomplishments in the 34 awards that he received in working along-side with the barangays being the forefront in local governance.

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Daisy Barredo

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