NEVER-Ending Story Part 9: Trash Sprayed to “Eliminate” Odor

In an effort to eliminate the odor coming from the Dumaguete Dumpsite, the city government sprayed the trash with an enzyme to hasted decomposition. The Never-Ending story strikes us again with a different solution to the promise of Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo instructed ENRO to apply the microorganism at the dumpsite in Candau-ay to reduce biodegradable waste by fermentation and decomposition without the offensive odor. The chemical also produces anti-oxidants that eradicate the toxins produced by harmful microorganisms.

Closure of Dumaguete Dumpsite

Back in 2017, the city mayor promised to solve the Candau-ay Dumpsite; also known as the “Smokey Mountain”. The first move was to close the 35 years old dumpsite and build a new sanitary landfill. After almost two years, neither one was accomplished. Although all the effort from the city administration and city government are being given to give new temporary solutions.

New Eco Park in Dumaguete

Speaking of solutions, there will be a new Eco Park and Waste Processing in Dumaguete City. This Php 7 Million Central Materials Recovery Facility will be used to segregate and process trash as a temporary solution to the closing of the city dumpsite.  In other places of the world, Eco Parks are usually a place with a lot of plants and trees and even places that rehabilitates nature. In the Philippines, it basically means temporary dumpsite.

State of Calamity in 6 Barangays

Meanwhile, acting on the recommendation of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council chaired by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, the City Council declared a state of calamity in 6 barangays namely Candau-ay, Balugo, Cadawinonan, Junob, Batinguel, and Camanjac. The CDRRMC resolution stated that the open dumpsite in Candau-ay has been continuously producing contaminated air that may cause a lot of diseases, significant health and environmental threats both to the people involved in the operations and the wider general public. Mayor Remollo, Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova and the members of the City Council recognized the urgent need to control the foul and nauseating odor emanating from the dumpsite.

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