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Net metering program of Noreco II

A friendly reminder

According to the Negros Oriental II Electric Cooperation, they are reminding all its members, costumers and owners on the installation of renewable energy technology. Such technology includes solar panels and these requirements are needed to be compiled within the net metering program.

Noreco II said that standards are being made for people to meet and special considerations to be taken into action. The simple act of changing a kilowatt-hour meter specific for net metering are included in these standards.

What is net metering?

Like everywhere in the world, net metering is considered as a system that allows customers to distribute to different utilities and install on-site renewable energy facilities so they can generate electricity for their own consumption. Solar, wind, biomass, and biogas energy systems are some examples of these facilities that are included on the said system, as mentioned under RA 9513 or the Renewable Energy Act of 2008.

Noreco II also said that the capacity of the renewable energy facility should not exceed 100 kilowatts. Any electricity generated, which is not used by the customer, is automatically exported to Noreco II’s distribution system. They also mentioned that only customers who have good payment records of their electric bill are allowed on the said net metering program.

A credit of one peso credit will be given to the electric cooperative that then excess electricity exports to their distribution system (which is equal to its blended generation cost) and will minus the credits earned to the customer’s electric bill when the customer uses Noreco-supplied electricity whenever renewable energy will not be available.

If coop members find this interested, you may submit a letter intended on the address of the general manager, Dionefred K. Macahig of Noreco II.

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