Sinulog Festival 2016

Viva Pit Señor, Santo Niño

The celebration of the extraordinary “Pit Señor” has once again hit the towns of Cebu. The phrase “Pit Señor” is a shortened form of “Sangapit sa Señor”, which is a Cebuano phrase for “to call/ask and plead to the king”. The phrase “Pit Señor” is always shouted during the celebration of the Sinulog Festival of Cebu by thousands and thousands of people.

Sinulog Festival of Cebu

There are hundreds of versions of the Sinulog Festival all over the Philippines. However, the Sinulog Festival of Cebu is one of the most festive and mostly noted by people all over the country. The celebration of the Sinulog Festival can end up to a 10-day celebration starting on the third Sunday of January.

Highlights of this event include of course the Sinulog Festival Dance competition and the coronation night of Miss Sinulog Queen, which both fells on the 15th of January. Other events such as the Sinulog 2016 Idol, cultural show, Sky Cable Night, Mañanita Mass, and the Sinulog DJ Mixing night are also celebrated on the said occasion.

With so much to celebrate ten days aren’t enough to celebrate the Sinulog of Cebu. Some even sat that the still have the “Pit Señor fever”.

Pit Señor Fever

After long days of celebration, parades, dancing and of course shouting of this festival, people will surely get the “Pit Señor fever”. This is usually described to someone who have been in the celebration of the Sinulog Festival and could not forget the good vibes and time he/she had throughout the celebration. After the 10 days celebration some people tend to dance and shout allof a sudden because of the so called “Pit Señor fever”.



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