Mayor Signs Executive Order No. 19-C to Regulate Movement of People and Transportation

Dumaguete Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo signed a new Executive Order to regulate the movement of people and transportation in the city. The new rules and policies are written in the new Executive Order No. 19-C while under the General Community Quarantine. A new “Odd-Even Scheme” for tricycles was also made to minimize the transportation in the city.

On May 5, 2020, Mayor Remollo wrote an open letter to Governor Roel Degamo, regarding his plea of bringing back the city’s quarantine passes to regulate the movement of the people and transportation. Quoted in the letter “Dumaguete residents will also use the Q-Passes distributed to them as entry for public market, supermarket, malls, grocery stores, etc.”.

The open letter also included the advice of designating certain days for entry of non-residents to Dumaguete City.

Executive Order No. 19-C Series of 2020

The new Executive Order will be bringing back the Q-Passes or quarantine passes. Red passes will be valid for residents on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Purple passes will be valid for residents on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. For non-residents, an “Easy Access Pass” will be issued one per household during the period of the General Community Quarantine by their respective LGUs. Municipalities and cities in the North will have access in Dumaguete City on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Municipalities and cities in the South can access Dumaguete City on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

There will also be a Disposable One Day Pass given to residents that follow the following exceptions.

– for medical reasons and other emergencies
– working senior citizens who are 60 years old and above in permitted industries and offices
– senior citizens living along who are 60 years old and above in need to obtain essential goods and services

These Disposable One Day Pass are available in all barangay halls daily. All passes will be implemented and taken effect starting May 9, 2020 (Saturday).

Odd-Even Scheme for Tricycles in Dumaguete City

Under section 4 of Executive Order No. 19-C, tricycles with sidecar number ending with the odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) are to operate in Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Tricycles with sidecar number ending with the even numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, and 8) can operate on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Tricycles without franchise are strictly prohibited to operate.

All drivers, commuters, and travelers shall always wear face mask. Drivers shall refuse boarding of commuters with out wearing of face mask. Social distancing shall also be implemented everywhere in public areas.  Public utility vehicles other than tricycles, such as buses and jeepney, can ply in the streets of Dumaguete City on a limited scale.

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