New Quarantine Passes in Dumaguete City (Red & Purple)

There is a new set of quarantine passes in Dumaguete City, which will take effect today April 20, 2020. Continue reading to find out the validity of each pass.

Red & Purple Quarantine Passes

The former COVID-19 Quarantine Pass in Dumaguete City was composed of 4 main colors (blue, black, red and yellow). The blue pass was valid for Wednesday (7 am-12 nn) and Friday ( 1 pm-6 pm), black pass for Tuesday (7 am-12 nn) and Saturday (1 pm-6 pm), red for Monday (7 am-12 nn) and Thursday (1 pm-6 pm) and lastly yellow for workers.

The city government office of Dumaguete City had decided to limit the passes into two colors instead. Red for Monday, Wednesday and Friday (7 am-6 pm) while the purple is for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (7 am-6 pm).

In addition to the red and purple passes, the yellow pass for workers will remain. A green pass or temporary safe pass will also be given to non-residents of Dumaguete City for Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (7 am-6 pm). Provided that they will surrender their own municipal quarantine pass at the checkpoint and will get it back once they leave Dumaguete again. Included procedure of checkpoint are checking of a helmet, business transaction and working permit or certificate.

Curfew Time in Negros Oriental

The curfew time of Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental remains. No one can go out of their homes after 9:00 pm until 5:00 am. Anyone caught will be brought to their respective barangay halls for detention. The Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ in Negros Oriental has been extended until April 30, 2020. We hope you all stay safe.

If you haven’t received your quarantine pass yet, please get in touch with your health workers, barangay officials or the following numbers below: 225-3775; 523-3950 and 522-0449, 0945-661-1978 (Globe), 0933-49204932 (Sun), or 0961-524-6296 (Smart)

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