Ilocano Cyclists Join Tatay Filcon’s Crusade for Clean Air

Filcon Dumat-ol Rivera, or Tatay Filcon, 58, residing at Bayawan, Negros Oriental, has embarked on a crusade dubbed as ‘Share the Air and Share the Road’, pedaling his custom-made bamboo bike and travelling to several places in the country for the promotion of clean air and a healthy lifestyle.  For this crusade, he is trying to gather thousands of signatures in support of the clean air act which he is planning to give to Secretary Gina Lopez of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and to the president.

Tatay Filcon in Ilocos Norte

This week saw Tatay Filcom in Ilocos Norte where he was joined by fellow bike enthusiasts when one of them chanced upon him in front of the Sta. Monica Church in Sarrat Town last Saturday.  It is his customary activity to pass by churches in between his rest time to pray for family and friends and especially for guidance and safety on his trip and mission.

According to Tatal Filcon, cyclists suffer much from smoke belching vehicles wherein they could hardly breathe when these vehicles pass them by.  He is really hoping that the environmental laws will be strictly implemented by the government and that everybody will do their share in cleaning the air.

Tatay Filcon has made a lot of friends in Ilocos who had been kind and hospitable, offering him food and a place to stay and supporting him in is advocacy.  It made him realize how rich he was in terms of family, friends and health.

Today, he is on his way to Cagayan to further his crusade.

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