Rise of Dengue in Negros Oriental

Board Member Liland Estacion had taken notice over records on the increasing number of deaths regarding the dengue victims (Dengue is a virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes that causes sudden fever and acute pains in the joints).

The record shows that seven deaths have been noted last year and that the number has doubled to 14 for this year as of the second week of November. Board Member Liland Estacion, a doctor by profession, has strongly suggested implementing the 4:00 o’clock habit. These 4:00 o’clock habits include a search and destroy operation on the possible breeding places o dengue-carrying mosquitoes. Board Member Liland Estacion also suggested the government not to lower their guards.

From January until November 14, 2015 a report of 1,588 dengue cases with 14 deaths has been recorded from the reporting units all over the province. An increase of 23 percent has been noticed for this year’s record as last year’s record showed a 1,288 dengue cases and seven deaths only.

According to the Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit report (PNA), three deaths each was reported each in Bacong and Guihulngan, two deaths each in Dumaguete and Dauin and one each in Pamplona, Tayasan, Mabinay and Valencia.

Guihulngan City has the highest number of dengue cases with 302, followed by Dumaguete with 290, Canlaon City with 117 cases, Sibulan, 105, Siaton, 71, Jimalalud, 67, Bais City, 62, Bayawan City, 57, Bacong and La Libertad with 51 dengue cases each.

The awareness is being conducted by the government authorities but the health departments also suggest of preventing the dengue virus ourselves. They also  suggested on not leaving any damp area of the house where the mosquitoes can breed and of wearing of long sleeves and long pants.

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