Helmet Law in Dumaguete Implemented

The Helmet Law in Dumaguete City is making its way through after three days since its official launching. Technically it has been delayed since October due to many reasons from the government. The national law Republic Act 10054 (Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009) was decided to be postponed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Dumaguete District Office, the local government unit of Dumaguete headed by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) and other city officials.

Helmet Law in Dumaguete City

The Helmet Law in Dumaguete City was promised to be implemented after Dumaguete Charter Day; which ended last November 25, 2018. According to Land Transportation Office-Dumaguete chief Alberta Janine Lawas, a time given of two months as previously agreed with the City Mayor was enough for the people to procure these helmets and there is no reason for them to not heed the law. Officials, motorcycle owners, riders, and the general public, are divided on the issue of whether the mandatory law on wearing of helmets is practical or not for this supposed “motorcycle capital of the Philippines”.

Mayor Antonio Felipe “Ipe” Remollo agreed that “the law is the law” so he supports it for the safety of his people. However, previously expressed hope the local government units (LGUs) would be given the authority instead to decide on what is applicable to their areas.

Other city officials agreed with Remollo and have, in fact, sought the help of legislators to have the law amended by the Congress. In the meantime, Lawas said that they have no choice but to implement the law because they are mandated to do so, and they do not have any authority to amend it.

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