First Regional meet for NIR

The first ever Negros Island Region Meet has finally arrived from the long wait. After the new region of Negros Island Region (NIR) was created, questions regarding the regional meet (sports competition) were already faced by government officials from both provincial and regional.

NIR meet

Here in the Philippines, the “meet” is a term for the gathering of athletes in one place in order to play a game. This game will determine if the player/ team who is most deserving to play for the National meet (includes athletes from all over the Philippines).

Since the NIR is a new region, the celebration of the first NIR meet was carefully organized. The Regional meet was held a few days ago in Bacolod, Negros Occidental. Most athletes came to the said location as early as possible, starting from the early morning of Saturday.

Sports and Athletes

Big games in this event include the games of volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, lawn tennis, table tennis, and track-and-field.  Athletes from all over Negros has come to join in the celebration. One of the cities that went to the Regional meet is our very own city, Dumaguete. Another city or town that participated in the Regional meet is of course Bacolod.

With a rough estimation of over 300 participants in the all in all events, the celebration of the event will surely be a blast. Another issue regarding the new NIR includes the regional budgeting dilemma. For 2016, the whole Negros Island Region will not be getting any budget. That is why the event of the said Regional meet is a budgeted yet decent event.

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