No Martial Law in Negros Oriental…Yet?

Due to the numbers of shooting, stabbing and killing in the province, the public is concerned whether the Philippine president will declare martial law in Negros Oriental. The Philippine President visited last July 20, 2019, causing sparks to the public of possible martial law.

Shooting, Stabbing and Killing in Negros Oriental

A lot of incidents happened during the last month of July. A serial stabbing incident occurred during the mid-week of July to three random young people in Dumaguete City. Apparently, these three victims were stabbed with an ice pick and rumors are spread that it contains HIV. All victims were brought to the hospital and are all alive.

Aside from the stabbing incident, there have been 16 people killed in one week. Four of the killers were cops ambushed in Ayungon, Negros Oriental. Five days later, a lawyer from San Carlos City in Negros Occidental was killed on July 23 at Guihulngan City. He was on board a sports utility vehicle with his wife when they were waylaid by unknown assailants who shot them at close range. The lawyer died at the hospital while his wife sustained injuries.

On July 24, a rebel returnee and leader of a farmer’s association were gunned down by 4 unidentified men on two motorcycles in Zamboanguita town. The victims, also on board a motorcycle, were on their way home when they were attacked by the suspects and shot at close range. On the same day, a resident of Dumaguete City was just watching television inside his home when two unidentified men entered his home and shot him several times.

A day after, July 25, seven persons were killed. The first incident was in Guihulngan City where a school principal and his sister, an official of the local Department of Education office, were shot dead inside their home while they were asleep. Forty-five minutes later, at 1:40 a.m., a village chief was killed in Guihulngan after his home was also invaded by armed suspects. In Siaton town, a resident of Barangay Maloh was shot to death by motorcycle-riding assailants. The victim was on a motorcycle when he was attacked by the unidentified perpetrators.

In another shooting incident, a resident of Ayungon town was gunned down by unidentified men on a motorcycle. The victim died on the spot. In Sta. Catalina town, a family was attacked by unidentified suspects, killing the father and his child. His wife and another child were wounded in the shooting.

Martial Law in Negros Oriental With all of these killing in the province, some people suggest martial law as a solution. Philippine President Duterte can use his emergency powers to declare martial law. However, his spokesperson says that there is no need nor intention to declare martial law in Negros Oriental. Only time will tell. If the killings and crime continues in the province, there is more and more hope for the president to declare a tougher legal step.

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