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NORECO II rewires public school

February is labeled as the love month. As a blastoff of the month’s celebration, NORECO II overhauls the old electrical wiring system of Sibulan Central Elementary School last February 6 to show kinship and brotherly love to the Sibulan community.

Central ES one month without power

Sibulan Central Elementary School has been without electricity for a month since the electrical wiring of the school were already dilapidated and worn out. The students and teachers alike suffered from the heat and lack of light in their classrooms.

Because of their difficult situation, NORECO II decided to restore the classrooms to how they were before – well-lighted and well-ventilated. In this way, the children will be able learn their lessons with ease and comfort.

NORECO II rewires 30 classrooms

The cooperative provided the materials and manpower to rewire the 30 classrooms in the school. Six employees of NORECO II and six barangay personnel labored for a day to rehabilitate the school’s old wiring system.

Much as Director Kathrine Y. Fontelo, the director of District II, wanted to witness the rewiring of Sibulan Central Elementary School, she was not able to do so since she had to attend a seminar out of the country. However, Barangay Captain Dirkie Y. Fontelo and his barangay councilors were there to supervise the work in the school that day.

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