Valentine’s Day Surprise

With only two days countdown for Valentine’s Day, both lovers and family members alike have started to buy surprise gifts for their special love ones. But did you know that our some businesses here in Dumaguete City have some pleasant surprises for you too.

Valentine’s Day Surprise

For low budgeted dates and surprises, both the public market and super malls have amazingly decreased their sales up to 50 percent of their original prizes. You can now start choosing from clothes, accessories, super gifts and other discounted items for Valentine’s Day.

Even on selected restaurants and other food eateries, the low discounted Valentine’s Day surprise have also been implemented for family and lover’s convenience. Special menus and service are being arranged by local restaurants for the said celebration of Valentine’s Day.

What to do and buy?

Due to the discount on selected items during Valentine’s Day, one can either enjoy on their own or bring someone special with to celebrate as they eat in a fancy restaurant or watch a movie in the theater. Options for movie theater are Deadpool, How to be Single, and Love is Blind. All movies are all showing starting tom, February 12, 2016.

Other for this Valentine’s Day is to hang around the mall and enjoy discounted items with your family, friends or lovers. Enjoy salon services, food trips, shopping and roaming around the city this February 14. Don’t forget to bring your friends, family and special love ones some flowers and other super gifts, which can all be bought at affordable prizes.


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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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