Fireworks strikes fire in Manila

Fire hit at least 1,000 homes in the Manila this Friday morning, January 1, affecting around 3,000 families in Manila hours after they greeted each other with a Happy New Year’s.

Officials said the fire injured 4 people, their ages ranging from 18 to 39. It also damaged property worth P10 million. According to Johnny Yu, officer-in-charge of the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, this incident happened in Barangays 155 and 160 in Dagupan Extension, Tondo, and Manila.

At the same time, a 65-year-old female village official died due to heart attack he said.

The Superintendent Renato Marcial, spokesman of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), said that the fire out was declared at 9:59 am on Friday. The fire affected the slum area, affecting houses made of light construction materials.

Blaming the firecrackers

Marcial said firecrackers called kwitis or “baby rockets” likely started the fire (based on initial reports).

Victims of the fire will be temporally placed in a safe house and barangay covered court until the houses are rebuilt. Marcial described these affected families as “displaced” and not necessarily homeless.

Johnny Yu also mentioned that they are also waiting for the Manila Social Welfare Department to confirm it is sending aids. The social welfare department is expected to tally the affected families.

Nationwide, Marcial said the BFP has recorded at least 9 fire-related incidents. Marcial confirmed that three of these fire incidents happened in Metro Manila.

To light firecrackers to prevent damage and accidents, Marcial himself asked Filipinos not to light any firecrackers.

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