Hoverboards banned on Cebu Pacific Flights

Cebu Pacific Airlines announced the prohibition of all battery-operated personal transportation devices, such as hoverboards and other similar self-balancing vehicles on board and its aircraft for the safety considerations for its passengers and crew.

These devices will be accepted for neither check-in nor hand-carry. Anyone who disobeys this rule and continue to do so will have their hoverboards and other related devices confiscated.


Hoverboards have been the new trend especially to the teens of this generation. It is a two wheel balanced “ride” that allows one person to move just about anywhere by just standing on the hoverboards. With colorful lights around the “ride”, this so called hoverboards give a new welcoming attraction to people of all ages.

These hoverboards run on high-powered lithium-ion batteries, which have been widely reported and scientifically proven to have a tendency of overheating or spontaneously igniting. These devices pose a fire hazard risk and are deemed unsafe for transport, especially in aircraft’s pressurized cabin and cargo stowage spaces.

Cebu Pacific also advises passengers that hoverboards will not be stored for safekeeping in airport and ticket offices. For the safety of all passengers and crew, this information will be posted on vouchers, aircraft management offices, ticket office, waiting areas and will be updated to the new Cebu Pacific app in your mobile phones.

Anyone who will be caught sneaking hoverboards or any related devices will be put to temporary screening and custody until final decisions will be said by the aircraft officers and the police.

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