3 Dumaguete schools raise tuition fees

For the academic school year of 2017-2018, ten private higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Negros Island Region have been permitted to raise their school tuition and other school fees. This composing of seven colleges from Negros Occidental and three from Negros Oriental, mainly in Dumaguete City.

Tuition fees increase

The three schools that will have their tuition and other school fees increased are namely Foundation University (which increased 10.01 % equivalent to Php 95.47 per unit in tuition and 2.24% equivalent to Php 13.75 in other school fees), St. Paul’s University Dumaguete (increased 3% equivalent to Php 24.04 per unit in tuition and 0.13% equivalent Php 1.35 in other school fees) and Metro Dumaguete College (increased 3.30% equivalent to Php 8.97 per unit in tuition and 2.95% equivalent Php 11.14 in other school fees).

The officer-in-charge in the education program specialist of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED)– NIR, Dr. Dennis Rebueno, confirmed that 10 NIR schools have increased a total of 3.01% amounting to an equivalent of Php 18.35 per unit in tuition and 1.58% equivalent to Php 6.43 for other school fees on an averaging basis.

“The agency has considered the lower inflation rate of the region in approving the tuition hike applications of these schools thus, the latest increase is smaller than that of the previous year,” Dr. Rebueno said.

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