SLS DB plans for 49th founder’s day

Don Bosco will celebrate their 49th founder’s day on the last week of January. This celebration is entitled to honor the founder of the school who is no other than Saint John Bosco. The original feast day of John Bosco is celebrated, however, on the 31st of January.

Bosco’s life

Saint John Bosco was born in Italy on the 16th of August. He is very well known around the world as the “Father and Teacher of Youth”. His passion I teaching the youth led him to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and Mary. His life’s journey was not as pleasant as it seemed as he died on January 31, 1888 at the age of 72.

Even after the death of this holy man, his teachings and values were spread to the other youths. Don Bosco’s (or Father Bosco’s) followers continued teaching the youth for a better life. After few years of teaching and educating, other Don Bosco schools were built in honor of this holy man.

Saint Louis School Don Bosco

Saint Louis School Don Bosco (SLS DB) is located in Calindagan, Dumaguete. Every year the celebration of the founder’s week is one of the most awaited events of the school year. This is usually a 4-5 days celebration held on the last week of January.

This 2016, the celebration of the 49th founders day is held on the following days of January 27 until January 30. This founder’s day celebration will include the celebration of the festival dance competition and the modern dance competition.


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