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SPUD offers appropriate tuition for Senior High School Program

In response to the Department of Education (DepEd) new mechanism in providing financial assistance to incoming senior high school students under the K to 12 program, St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) announces its Senior High School Early Registration by accepting and registering the first 300 incoming senior high school students (Grade 11). The official kick-off of the Senior High School Implementation is scheduled next year, school year 2015- 2016 through its voucher program in the amount of Php 17, 500.00 from the different public secondary Schools in the city and province.

SPUD Administration recently pointed out that they will not add on or put in additional amount to the said government voucher program particularly to the first 300 registrants, wherein early registration is now going on and will end before October 21, 2015, on a first come, first serve basis.

Meanwhile, to those students coming from the public secondary who are not part and included in the first 300 registrants can still avail a quality catholic education with competent professors and instructors who are mostly masteral & doctoral degree holders with complete school facilities, amenities and wonderful services and can also experience a university way of life by registering themselves at St. Paul University Dumaguete with a monthly obligation of Php 610.00 in addition to the appropriated Php 17, 500.00 from the government voucher program.

Moreover, private secondary school students who will be finishing their grade 10, and who are interested to study in a university can enroll and register themselves again at St. Paul University Dumaguete with only Php 1, 060.00 monthly payments in addition to the government voucher program amounting to Php 14, 000.00.

The said voucher program, students and their respective families are able to exercise greater option and alternative in deciding the Senior High School Program that is most significant to their needs and career goals.

For more details and information, please visit or call St. Paul University Dumaguete at (035) 225-1506 and look for Dr. Regidor Carale, Senior High School Coordinator and or to Dr. Mary Jane Galera at the University Reception. (SPUD External Affairs)

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