Silliman University Goes Solar

Silliman University (SU) is ready to launch its solar power generation project on August 23 as part of the university’s environmental advocacy.  This is the first and largest school-based solar program in Southeast Asia, according to First Solar Orion, SU’s partner in this project.  The first batch of panels, installed on the rooftop of the auditorium, were tested last August 18 and the University immediately registered savings of as much as 30 kilowatts of power as compared to the usual electric consumption.

Up to 5 Millions in savings

Installation of the solar panels started last June 2016 in three areas and is expected to provide an initial of 200 kilowatts of solar power in the University.  Rynor Jamandre, First Solar Orion’s president, said that the project can last up to 25 years, with SU generating between P2 to P5 million annual savings in power consumption.

Solar panels will also be installed at the university gymnasium, computer center, new elementary school building and 12 others buildings.  It is expected to generate around 1.2 megawatts of power all over the University which translates to a big reduction, around 98 percent, on Silliman’s carbon footprint.

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Wustin Dy

Wustin Dy

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