‘Calamity-Smart’ Church for UCCP Bohol by SU

Philippines is known to be prone for calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes. As part of the CCRP or the Continues Calamity Responses Program of Silliman University, ‘calamity-smart’ buildings are being constructed for UCCP (United Church of Christ in the Philippines) in Bohol.

‘Calamity-Smart’ Church out of container vans

The ‘calamity-smart’ building is actually made out of a six – 20-footer container vans. Silliman engineer teams spent time in planning this designed structure for Bohol, which was badly damaged several times due to earthquakes and some typhoons.  The new building will be handed to UCCP in Catagbian, Bohol. The ‘calamity-smart’ designed building is said to with stand intensity 8 during an earthquake and 400kph winds in case of a typhoon.

Back in Silliman University, engineers have been implementing these smart structured designed for academic uses. One of the accomplished smart-structure in renovating a 12-40-footer container van to a three classroom and one storage room that composes the second floor of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Silliman University.

Engineer teams explained that container vans are practical ideas for making buildings since it will be safer for calamities. During typhoons, the container vans will be safe even with falling branches and strong winds due to the strong metals it comprises of. During an earthquake, falling of tiled ceilings and walls would never occur since the container vans does not require such for the said ‘calamity-smart’ purpose.

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