Security for Candidates of 2019 Elections

The 2019 Elections this May 13 is fast approaching. However, for candidates running for a certain position in the government, each day turns slowly with every second as a probability of being harmed or worse…killed. Those with confirmed threats of their lives in the PNP assessment may be allowed a maximum of two police escorts during the campaign period.

PNP Security & Private Body Guards

Those candidates who want to hire bodyguards anyway for their protection, even without a perceived and confirmed PNP (Philippine National Police) assessment-threats may do so. The hiring of private bodyguards may only be allowed during the campaign period.

There are around 700 local candidates in Negros Oriental for the May 13, 2019 Elections. In the coming days, especially during the start of the campaign period next year, there will be expected applicants for police escorts. Some are still unsure if there are enough police officers to secure candidates when the primary responsibility of the police is to secure the community at large.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is ready to provide two police escorts to secure each candidate in next year’s elections if he or she meets all the requirements necessary – such as a validated threat assessment – under PNP rules and regulations. The candidates will not exceed the two police officers as escorts and security personnel unless deemed necessary.

For this reason, Director-General Oscar D. Albayalde has ordered all police commanders down to the municipal level to talk to all the candidates, including incumbent officials, as part of the threat assessment amid the spate of killings of local government officials.

The PNP leadership is now focusing on the finalization of all the security measures that will be put in place for the midterm elections. The Chief PNP has ordered all commanders to sit down with all the candidates and ask them what they want in terms of securing them. If certain candidates feel that they have a threat to their lives, they can request for police security.

 If they meet all the requirements, the PNP is ready to provide a maximum of two police escorts,” said Durana.

But if they want to have more, then they have to hire the services of security agencies at their own expenses. We can only provide a maximum of two police escorts,” said the chief of the PNP.

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