Sandurot Festival 2017 Street Dancing Parade & Showdown

The celebration of the Sandurot Festival 2017 street dancing parade and showdown competition was successfully held last Saturday, September 16, 2017. There are three parts of the festivity, namely the paghimamat (gathering), street dancing parade and the actual showdown.   

Sandurot Festival Street Dancing Parade

The first part of the event called paghimamat (local term for gathering) was just to celebrate the opening of the Sandurot Festival 2017 with a small dramatize show provided by the different theatrical group of Dumaguete City. After the opening show, the 10 contingents for the street dancing and showdown fell in line to start the actual parade.

As part of the criteria of rules, this year’s street dancing music must be in uniform. The Sandurot Festival music is surely something that could either get annoying or sink in your head. Nevertheless, this did not bother the graceful dancing of the different contingents.

Sandurot Festival Showdown

The showdown of the Sandurot Festival 2017 was held at Quezon Park with hundreds of audiences. The showdown was also viewed and celebrity judged by Angel Aquino. After a few hours delayed from the given schedule the showdown finally kicked off with their unique performances. The actual festivity of Sandurot Festival was the highlight and the most enjoyable portion of the whole celebration.

For all who could make it for either the showdown or the street dancing parade, here is a short video slideshow:


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