Philippines wins the Miss Universe 2015

The Miss Universe 2015 was held on December 21 (Philippine time) at The AXIS, Las Vegas, Nevada.  After some hours of intensive moments for the candidates during the question and answer portion, The Top 15 of the Miss Universe were left to battle for the crown.

Miss Universe Top 10 representatives included USA, Colombia, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Dominican Republic, France, Curacao, Philippines and Venezuela. After the two elimination rounds the Top 3 of the best of the best remained to pursue their passion in winning both the title and the crown.

Miss Universe Top 3:
  1. Miss Olivia Jordan of USA
  2. Miss Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines
  3. Miss Aradna Gutierrez of Colombia

Turning of the Crown

After the last portion of the question and answer, which the top three candidates confidently answered, the judges took their time as they carefully decide who the next Miss Universe would be. As the tension broke into the supports of the candidate’s friends and families, Host Steve Harvey did the honor of announcing the winners of the said event. However, he did a huge mistake which brought all the people feeling awkward for Miss Colombia.

Miss Universe 2015

Poor Miss Ariadna Gutierrez of Columbia was falsely announced as the winner of Miss Universe 2015 during its coronation night. Although Steve Harvey apologized for his mistake in announcing the wrong winners, many people felt the tension of awkwardness rising in the air.

“I have to apologize…The first runner-up is Colombia,” Steve Harvey said.

Miss Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of Philippines was stunned as Steve Harvey corrected his mistake. Even with the awkward moments passing by, Miss Columbia kept her posture and manners into place as she hug and congratulated the new Miss Universe.


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