Nonito Donaire Jr. WBO Champion

Nonito Donaire Jr. is a thirty-three year old Filipino American boxer who originated from the island of Talibon, Bohol. Nonito Donaire, Jr. is very well known as “The Filipino Flash” for he is a four-weight world champion having won titles in the flyweight, bantamweight, super bantamweight and featherweight divisions.

On December 12, Saturday (Manila time), Nonito Donaire, Jr. surpassed a fight against Mexican Cesar Juarez in order to win the vacant WBO ( World Boxing Organization) junior featherweight title with a unanimous decision at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Donaire’s Fight

Donaire, who showed good early strikes, have landed a counter right hand in opening round that stunned Cesar Juarez and the audience as Donaire’s speed was as much as his strength. During the fourth round of the match Donaire gave his second knockdowns. However, Cesar Juarez rose up and continued to hopefully pressuring and wearing his opponent down.

Sixth round was when the roughness of the match started to elevate. By this round Donaire and his left eye was left swollen as he limped noticeably after slightly twisting his ankle. On the seventh round of the fight, Cesar Juarez successfully hit Donaire’s right eye that caused him a cut. As the fight went on, Donaire made it possible for Cesar Juarez to pressure him to the ropes. And in the tenth round, Juarez managed to knockdown Donaire on his back end of a left hook.

Even with the pressure being pounded on professional boxers Donaire, he still fought like a champion swinging his rights and lefts on Juarez.

“The judges were not fair,” Juarez said after the match. ”It was much closer, like a one or two point fight. But I do think Donaire won.”

Having said this to the interviewers, Donaire also mention this:

“I will definitely give him a rematch,” Donaire said.

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