Dumaguete Tricycle – Pandemic Fare is 15 Pesos

The new pandemic fare for Dumaguete Tricycles will be Php 15.00 (for the first 2 kilometer) as approved by the City Council. An additional Php 2.00 will then be charged for every kilometer thereafter. This new tricycle fare is only temporary in line with the pandemic caused by COVID-19 virus. This decision was finalized during their third and final reading of the proposed ordinance.

Dumaguete Tricycles Fare Before and After

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, about 1,500 tricycles still operate with an odd and even cab number system that alternates every other day. It has been almost 8 months since the start of the lockdown in Dumaguete City. Many pedicabs or tricycle drivers are struggling to make a living since most people have their own motorcycle or car as transportation.  A public hearing justified the increase with the public saying, fewer people now ride the tricycles because, either, they have their own motorcycles, or there are hundreds of “satellite” even smaller market stalls scattered all over the suburbs selling meal- food, in order to minimize people’s going downtown marketing. Even malls are seen less than half empty most of the time.

The maximum passengers are only two. Before, a pedicab could easily take 6 passengers and the driver. With the pandemic, minors and senior citizens are still not officially allowed to go out of their homes and enjoy their 20% discount. Dumaguete Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova said that the least the city can do to augment the tricycle driver’s income is to increase the minimum fare.

Below are the other stipulations of the proposed new fare ordinance:

Section 3. FARE MATRIX. – Fare Matrix must be visibly displayed inside the tricycle where the passengers may be aware of.

Section 4. PRIVILEGES. – All students, Persons with Disabilities, and Senior Citizens should be granted a special fare discount in accordance with the law granting special privileges for students, the Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities and the Expanded Senior Citizens Act upon presentation of proper identification (ID)card.

Section 5. ENFORCER (TMO). – The Traffic Management Office being the office tasked in the implementation the Ordinance shall:

  1. provide the new MCH fare matrix and;
  2. ensure proper information and dissemination to all the Tricycle Operators and Drivers Associations (TODAs) in Dumaguete City;
  3.     All concerned tricycle operators and/or drivers shall post in their tricycles the new tricycle matrix, including the discounted fare of students, PWDs and Senior Citizens upon presentation of proper ID.

Section 6. ENFORCEMENT. – This Ordinance shall be implemented by the Traffic Management Office- (TMO), Discipline Zone Enforcers, Special Enforcement Unit (SEU), Dumaguete City Police Office, and Barangay Officials including the Deputized personnel of the Barangay.

Violators will be issued a Traffic Violation Citation Ticket (TVCT) upon apprehension. Multiple violations not covered by this Ordinance shall be governed by the Traffic Code of the City of Dumaguete and other traffic-related ordinances.

Section 7. PENALTIES. — Any person violating this Ordinance shall be meted with a fine of ONE THOUSAND PESOS (Php 1,000.00).

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