Dumaguete Music Video Competition 2018

It seems that the Sandurot Festival of Dumaguete has truly made an impact since their last celebration last year in September. Aside from the actual festival street dancing and showdown competition, there is a new event for all videographers and cinematographers in Dumaguete City. The Dumaguete Music Video Competition 2018 – Sandurot Song and Stories will be a competition with loads of super prizes!

Sandurot Festival 2018 in Dumaguete City

The Sandurot Festival is a celebration that is full of history and culture regarding Dumaguete City. It was celebrated every year together with the Dumaguete Charter Day and City Fiesta every year on the month of November. Since last year, the Tourism Office of Dumaguete has changed this tradition by moving the whole festival event on September but leaving the Charter Day in November. Despite the change, it seems like people are still celebrating things the way they are supposed to.

Dumaguete Music Video Competition 2018

The Dumaguete Music Video Competition 2018 will help promote Dumaguete City in terms of media marketing. The competition must showcase their talents in the video with the main theme of promoting Dumaguete City. The music used for the music video will be from Spotify album Belltower Project UNO, Belltower Project DOS, Belltower Project TRES, and Belltower Project KWATRO.

The duration of the event will be from August 14, 2018, until September 14, 2018. Deadline for submission of entries will be on August 31, 2018, but the awarding will be on September 16, 2018. The grand prize will be Php 20,000. Minor prizes include Best Direction, Most Experimental Video, People’s Choice Award, Best Editing, Best Concept Video, Best in Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

Read the full Guidelines and Mechanics of the Dumaguete Music Video Competition here.

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