Dumaguete CCTV – Before 2019

Many government heads in Dumaguete City that there will finally be about 350 closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera system before the year 2018 ends. If everything falls into place, Dumaguete City will have its own CCTV cameras for eight years with a budget of Php 8.75 Million (Php 8,750,000.00).

Where did the “Installation” Go?

The promised CCTV cameras in Dumaguete City is positively back on its way again. Back in 2017 of December, Dumaguete City released the promise of Installation of CCTV within 6 to 7 months. City Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo and the city council was then still in the undecided state to whether buying or just renting the closed-circuit television .

The mayor sounded so promising last year with this quote:

The most awaited CCTVs will soon be installed as the means to prevent and solve crimes, enhance traffic management and provide graphic information during calamities in real time,” Dumaguete City Mayor Remollo promisingly said last 2017.

Renting Safety

After months of decision making, with no installation on an action, the mayor finally decided to just rent the CCTV. The City Council recently voted to grant the mayor to have his promised CCTV in action. A senior member of the council’s peace and order committee sad that the closed-circuit television will be installed in the downtown area.

For the telecommunication matters, there are several companies who have shown great interest in the partnership. Among these companies is PLDT. Other proposals are still welcomed.

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