National Arts Months in Dumaguete City

In celebration with the National Arts Month in the Philippines, Dumaguete City will hold different activities with the theme “Ani ng Sining Alab ng Sining” (Harvest of the Arts, Flame of Arts). This event will be held from February 16-23, 2017. As declared back in 1991, February is the National Arts Month in the Philippines, wherein the freedom of artistic ideas is welcomed.

Declaration of National Arts Month

The person responsible for declaring the month of February as the National Arts Month is no other than President Corazon Aquino back in 1991 through Proclamation 683. Through the proclamation, the start of recognition in theatre, dance, music, film and architecture have motivated others having a free artistic and intellectual expression.

Dumagueteño and Dumagueteña Artists

There are so many local artists in Dumaguete City, both discovered and undiscovered. Some may be still hiding their talents while some stay in the spotlight of their own artistic world. Some of these talented local artists are National Artists Edith Tiempo and Eddie Romero, Maria Taniguchi, Earnest Hope Tinambacan, Ian Rosales Casocot, Dessa Quesada-Palm, Kitty Taniguchi and Junix Inocian to mention some.

Schedule of Activities:

February 16 – Friday

6:00pm Balak Balitaw @ Pantawan, Rizal Boulevard (free admission)
Courtship and love stories tolf through the traditional forms of Balak and Balitaw

February 17 – Saturday

4:30pm Chinese Cultural Show @ Manuel L. Quezon Park
Dumaguete’s Filipino -Chinese community presents traditional Chinese chulture and arts through songs and dances

February 18 – Sunday

6:00pm Tayada sa Plaza @ Manuel L. Quezon (free admission)
Dumaguete’s performing artists offer their harvest of creative works

February 18 to 20

“Ang Larawan” Roadshow @ Luce Auditorium (w subsidized tickets)
An award-winning movie based on the novel of National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin

February 23 – Friday

6:00pm Uswag Sining @ Paseo Perdices
Donated artwork for auction to raise funds for the arts program of the Little Children of the Philippines

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