Coming Up: Teen Centers in Central Visayas

With the celebration of World Population Day, the Population Commission (PopCom) of the Central Visayas have conducted several special services for different sectors of society like senior citizens, couples, males, teens and adolescents, pregnant and more.

What is PopCom?

The Population Commission or PopCom is governments operated that aims in bringing the Filipino society’s life into a new level. The Popo Com is in charge in informing the society in proper parenthood and teenage lifestyle to reduce the fast-growing population in the country.

They are in partnership with the United Nations Population Funds in their journey towards a better life for Filipinos. Aiming for all sorts of sectors in the society, the PopCom also has a deep connection with many LGU members who will be willing to help them achieve their goals for the World Population Day.

Teen Centers Project

For the Youth sector of the Central Visayas, PopCom have planned in building 13 more teen centers throughout the region. There are already six teen centers in the Central Visayas found in Ubay and Jagna of Bohol, Bantayan and Naga of Cebu, Larena in Siquijor and Dumaguete City.

According to Population Officer III Myrna Alba, the LGUs in their respective areas will be in charge in managing the teen centers. The teen center will have technical assistance with training, modules, materials and other agencies that would help the youth.

“It will serve as first aid to assist young people in their problems if they cannot express these to their families,” Myrna Alba said.

The teen centers would serve as their home where teens can openly talk about their problems they can’t relate to their parents. This will also be a learning center for them to learn about different adolescent sexuality and reproductive health lessons.

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