What happens to a YouTube Channel when the creator dies?

A lot of Filipinos all over the world are in grieve for the lost of two Filipino YouTube stars; Emman Nimedez and Lloyd Cadena. The two died only weeks apart from each other, leaving many loyal subscribers hanging for new content. The real question remains. What happens to a YouTube Channel when the creator dies?

Death of Filipino YouTube Stars

Emman Nimedez died at 1:00 am on August 16, 2020 at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City. His official social media page was used to announce the drastic status of his death caused by kidney failure and blood complications. Emman Nimedez battled acute myeloid leukemia until his last breath. Lloyd Cadena on the other hand got infected by the coronavirus before suffering from a fatal heart attack. He died on September 4, 2020.

Google’s Answer!!!

So, what happens to a YouTube channel when its creator passes away? Over the years, this question continues to be asked by many people especially loyal subscribers to a certain personal blog or channel. Will the videos be deleted sometime in the future, given the channel’s inactivity? Fortunately, there are two options according to Google.

The first options are that Google will abide by the creator’s plans for it, provided they had mapped one up using their “inactive account manager” feature. This is the “best way for you to let us know who should have access to your information, and whether you want your account to be deleted,” Google states.

The second option is to have a family or a trusted representative “make a request for a deceased person’s account.”

Google wrote about this option: “We recognize that many people pass away without leaving clear instructions about how to manage their online accounts.

We can work with immediate family members and representatives to close the account of a deceased person where appropriate. In certain circumstances we may provide content from a deceased user’s account.

In all of these cases, our primary responsibility is to keep people’s information secure, safe, and private.

 We cannot provide passwords or other login details. Any decision to satisfy a request about a deceased user will be made only after a careful review.”

Three requests can be made: Close the account of a deceased user, submit a request for funds from a deceased user’s account, and obtain data from a deceased user’s account. Learn more about from YouTube support here.

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