Omicron Variant in Ilocos Norte and Baguio

Omicron Variant reported in Ilocos Norte. While Baguio does not have any cases under their official report yet, patterns of illnesses and symptoms indicate that the Omicron variant is present. The Omicron is a variant of the SARS-VoC-2 or commonly known as coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Omicron is likely to spread more and easily compared to other variants. Now that more cases are reported in the Philippines, several areas are placed under stricter community quarantine for healthy safety.

Omicron Case in Ilocos Norte

A 70-years old returning overseas Filipino is the first detected Omicron case in Ilocos Norte. This was announced last January 16 and confirmed by the Department of Health (DOH). Regardless of the development, Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc said in a Facebook post that the province “will not have any wide-scale, hard lockdowns like before.”

Omicron in Baguio

Although there are no cases officially announced, the pattern of symptoms and illnesses among COVID patients shows the indication of the Omicron virus. According to Baguio Health Officer Rowena Galpo, during the time of the Delta variant, the illness tended to be severe. At present, we are seeing less severe cases, indicative that it is now Omicron that is causing the infections.

Magalong assured the residents that the city government is ready to handle the fresh wave of infections.

First Omicron Case in the Philippines

The highly transmissible Omicron variant is believed to be in Baguio.  The first two cases of the Omicron variant in the Philippines dates back to December 2021. According to the Department of Health (DOH) last December 15, 2021, the country’s first COVID-19 Omicron virus. Which is believed to be driving the fresh surge of infection in South Africa and some European countries.

Several areas in the Philippines are placed in stricter community quarantine to help minimize the spread of coronavirus.

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