Sinulog Festival 2018 Overload

Sinulog Festival is held all over the Philippines; however, the most iconic and famous Sinulog Festival is celebrated in Cebu.

Sinulog Festival in Cebu

The festivities and activities of the Sinulog Festival 2018 in Cebu started yesterday January 07, 2017 with a Sinulog Fun Run as early as five in the morning. The month-long celebration is filled with many great events for all to enjoy. Some of the highlights include the Sinulog Trade Fair, Sinulog Festival Queen 2018, fluvial procession, fireworks competition and of course the Sinulog Grand Parade and Street Dancing. (Click here to see the full schedule!)

In the previous years, Dumaguete City has been welcomed to various shows and events during the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Beauty Queen title holders are often sent there to either participate or grace some events and respective dance groups, singers and performers are invited to perform in various occasions. For this Sinulog Festival 2018 activities however, Dumaguete City has been quiet about their plans of attending or being invited for the celebration.

Sinulog in Negros Oriental

As mention earlier, the Sinulog Festival is celebrated all over the Philippines, in various areas and in various dates. In Negros Oriental, there are two Sinulog Festival. One is in Tanjay City, which is celebrated on the month of July. The other one is in the municipality of Jimalalud and is celebrated on the month of January. Both areas celebrate the festival with colorful parades, fast-paced drums, and gleeful cheers. (Click here to see Full Schedule of the Sinulog in Jimalalud 2018)


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