MMA Fighter looking forward for Pacquiao’s retirement

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao or famously known as just “Manny” is one boxing legend for all Filipinos. This talented boxer’s impending retirement will leave a void, a void that one MMA fighter Mark Striegl hopes to fill.

MMA Fighter Mark Striegl

Mark Striegl is an undefeated Bantamweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He was educated outside the Philippines. However, he returned to his homeland, Philippines, where he started his MMA career. He has fought several times in Manila and once in Baguio. Even with the smell of the States in him he still feels the warmth of home as he said:

“I always look forward to fighting in Manila. There’s no place I’d rather be. Filipinos have a strong sense of pride in any of their athletes competing on the world stage but fighting in Manila definitely makes it more meaningful.”

MMA fans have been fortunate enough to see the top Filipino fighters competing regularly at venues like Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena. But in for Mark Striegl to escalate his career lays on a difficult decision of leaving the Philippines and move to Singapore. He accepted a warm invitation to indulge in the fighting team at Evolve MMA.

“I’ve been training with all the beasts at Evolve MMA like Jake Butler, Leandro Issa, Bruno Pucci, Marcos Ratinho, Amir Khan, and Benedict Ang. Every day is a day to learn and improve. My goal is to get better every single day as a martial artist. I’m fortunate that at Evolve MMA I have such high level guys to work with across all disciplines,” he said

With his high reputation and potential of being a great MMA star Mark Striegl is playing low with Pacquiao’s comparisons,

“I do feel that Filipinos are starting to enjoy MMA but boxing has a special place. I’ll be sad when Pacquiao retires because he is one of the greats but there are also other great boxing champions to look out for like Nonito Donaire.”

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