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Dumaguete again in the top 100

Named as the “City of Gentle People”, Dumaguete City has yet again proved it capabilities when it comes to competitiveness. From last year’s placer as the 100th most outsourcing destination, Dumaguete was noted as the 93rd best outsourcing destination in the world this year.

Thanks to the international Services Globalization and Investment Advisory firm, Dumaguete City was placed as the 93rd best outsourcing destination in the world.

Mayor’s feedbacks

Upon hearing this, of course the city mayor of Dumaguete rejoiced and praised all the people for all the hard work. Dumaguete City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria said that with the hard work of all businesses in Dumaguete and the labor force in making Dumaguete a competitive city, the price as the 93rd best outsourcing destination was just enough.

According to Forbes Magazine, they also ranked Dumaguete in 2014 as the fifth best place in the world to retire. With low cost of living, hospitable community, quality education, medical care and English-speaking skills of residents, retired tourist and locals alike can blend in just well.

Other top outsourcing destinations

In the top 100 list of most outsourcing destinations, six other provinces of the Philippines were included. The number one most outsourcing destination is Bangalore, India, followed as second by our very own Manila in Luzon. Cebu marked 7th on the list followed by Davao marking as the 66th outsourcing destination in the world. Sta. Rosa Laguna (81st), Bacolod (85th), and Ilo ilo (90th) were also included in the top 100 list of most outsourcing destinations in the world.


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