DOH’s warining on Zika Virus

The viral news about the Zika virus has broken the net over the past few weeks, and is continuing to do so. With the El Niño occurring all over the world, threat has risen more over this so called virus.

What is Zika?

Zika is a virus caused by a tropical mosquito called Aedes mosquitoes. The virus continues to spread especially in the North and South of America. The Department of Health (DOH) here in the Philippines has taken notice of this and is warning people of their effects.

What are its Symptoms?

According to the DOH, symptoms of the Zika virus include headaches, rashes above body parts, rise of temperature and shivering. It may not be noticed in the first day or two, but the effects of this Zika virus surely holds you back for more than a week.

Studies have shown that there are different effects of the Zika virus to both babies and adults. Critics say that pregnant women, who were bitten by Zika virus carrying mosquitoes, gave birth to babies with undeveloped skulls and brains.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has scheduled an emergency meeting with the topic of this growing and spreading virus.

Can it be cured?

No, there is no cure for this tropical illness as of the moment. Doctors all over the world are continuing to search and create a cure for the Zika virus. Even without medications, we can still prevent this virus with our own little way.

The DOH has recommended all pregnant women to wear clothes that cover the body. They also suggest that these women should stay at home and minimize traveling around mosquito breeding areas (cold, dark and damp). They also suggest that everyone should prepare lots and lots of insect repellant and mosquito nets.

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