What are “Slippers”? – Traffic Officers Hold Prohibition of Slippers for Motorcycles in Dumaguete City

The Traffic Management Office or TMO of Dumaguete City will put on hold the prohibition of wearing slippers as a motorcycle driver. Due to public clamor regarding the true definition of “slippers”, the Local Government Office (LGU) will allow the wearing of “slippers” or any open-toed footwear until clarification is made.

What are slippers?

It is according to the Philippines law under Section 11 E of LTO Administrative Order AHS-2008-15, that wearing of flip flops, sandals, or slippers or being bare footed while operating a motorcycle or scooter shall be fined. A fine of Php 500 (five hundred pesos) for the first offense, Php 700 (seven hundred pesos), for second offense and a fine of Php 1,000 (one thousand pesos) and revocation of drivers license for the third offense.

Prohibition of Slippers in Dumaguete City

Still, the Dumaguete City Local Government Office are questioned by the public to what slippers are. Since last Sunday May 10, 2020 the designated check point cited violation tickets to drivers wearing rubber slippers, open-toed sandals or footwear that had the semblance of slippers.

After being asked what the definition of “slippers meant, Councilor Michael Bandal (a lawyer), admitted in an interview that he is also confused. He also admitted that he wears open-toed slip-ons or sandals.

We’re aware of the national law on footwear requirements. However, unfortunately, our citation tickets only penalize the wearing of slippers,” he said.

Once the citation ticket is amended, motorcycle riders will no longer be allowed to wear any type of open footwear but closed shoes,” he added.

After the short discussion of the “slippers”, Councilor Bandal moves on to the next topic that presses more importance. Councilor Bandal enjoined the people to wear a mask or any type of facial covering for the nose and mouth to avoid being penalized. The penalty fee for not wearing a face mask or covering is Php 3,000.

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