Vidal to Supervise Karate-Do Tournament in Dumaguete

Dumaguete City will be host to around 300 competitors from 15 member clubs from all over the country in the 2nd Hayashiha Shitoryukai National Championships on November 26-28.  Cebuano Sensei Reynante Vidal will be the main supervisor of the tournament, having qualified for this responsibility after receiving his appointment as chief instructor of the Philippine Hayashiha Shitoryukai Karate-Do given by the Japan Karate-Do Hayashiha Shitoryukai.   Aside from the competitions, there will be a kobudo and kata seminar with international instructors ninth Dan Shihan Kenichiro Nagatomo and seventh Dan Shihan Fumihiro Ando.

Vidal said that after the tournament, their next activity is to go after unauthorized instructors who destroy the reputation of their organization and he is enjoining the cooperation of its members.

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Wustin Dy

Wustin Dy

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