Vice President: Creating ‘Social Media Warriors’

“Social media is too powerful. It is being said that social media is now becoming a weapon of mass destruction,” said the Vice President Leni Robredo in the Filipino dialect.

Social Media Warriors and Talk of Hope

The speech launching of “Istorya ng Pag-Asa Social Media” (Talk of Hope [in] Social Media) is one of the projects of the Vice President under her main project in anti-poverty called “Angat Buhay” (Lift/Raise Life). The Vice President said that nobody wants the social media as a weapon of mass destruction, therefore we should all be social media warriors to fight the hate and negativity of the country. She also mentioned that the younger generations are keen in newly enhanced technology therefore they can be the key to social media warriors in the future.

During the launching event, Vice President Robredo was joined on stage by a certain 12-years old Francis Hernandez who sells banana turon and banana cue as well as pulling vegetables in the market to help his family. The stories of Nanay Lorna, a solo parent and an owner of a sari-sari in Quezon City who was able to send her 4 kids to school, and the story of Alexander the “dancing traffic enforcer”, who entertains the street while in duty to keep his mind free from his previous love heartache, were also told.

“Instead of fighting each other, why don’t we look for stories of hope that can inspire us. Instead of negative, we will talk about the positive,” Vice President said.

The spread of this speech launching has reached out to different cities of Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Quezon and Dumaguete. Three universities (Silliman, Xavier, Cordilleras) are entitles in partnership for the said project.

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