Valencia launches Puhag Festival

The official festival of Valencia was launched last night as part of the concluding event of the month-long festivity celebration of Chada Valencia. ‘Chada’ is a local slang expression for nice. The launching of the Puhag Festival of Valencia was a success along with the showcasing of different colorful Philippine Festivals during the Local Government Unit (LGU) Night.

LGU Night and Philippine Festival

The night of festivity started around eight o’clock in the fully packed plaza of Valencia. After the opening prayer and the Philippine National Anthem and some opening remarks, it was show time! Different departments of the LGU slipped into their respective festival outfits as the beating of the drums rose the excitement of the audience.

Festivals from several regions of the Philippines were seen during the eventful occasion. Panagbenga Festival, Kadayawan Festival, MassKara Festival, Sinulog Festival and Sandurot Festival were performed by Rural Health Unit, Municipality Agriculture Office, North and South Building Office, Main Building Office and Municipality Engineering Office respectively.

After the showdown, the Puhag Festival of Valencia was presented as a performing intermission group to climax the show. Puhag is known as the great harvest of honey. Launched as the official festival of Valencia, many will be looking forward to the first performance the festival will make during the fiesta celebration of Valencia this coming October.

The concluding event of Chada Valencia and the launching of the Puhag Festival was indeed an eventful night. We appreciate LGU employees for balancing their time for work and dance practices to give Valencia a decent show last night. Great work and great performance to you all!

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