Tricycles Franchise in Dumaguete

The City Council of Dumaguete has avoided the release of ‘monopolies’ in the trike or tricycle business. One operator handling 30 licensed and authorized tricycles are considered ‘beyond the limit’ of logical reasoning and policy from the city government.

Hearing for Tricycles Franchise

Three councilors (Councilor Alan Cordova, Lilani Ramon, Joe Kenneth Arbas) lead the hearing and consultation of the said matter of limited tricycle ownership. The hearing was attended by tricycle drivers and MCH operators, to recognize the proposed measures titled as “Dumaguete City Motor cab-for-Hire Franchise Ordinance 2017”.  This proposal will designate the allowance of but limited to a number of tricycles an owner is allowed to obtain.

Trike and Tricycle Fare transportation around the city via a tricycle will cost about Php 8.00 per head. Of course, special rides can be negotiated with tricycle drivers. With the rates of public fares and transportation, the City Council finds it best to minimize the ownership of tricycles so that more families can operate the said transportation occupation.

Tricycles in Dumaguete

Dumaguete City has a total of two thousand five hundred (2, 500) tricycles. Each tricycle is given a ‘trike’ number starting from 0001 up to 2500 in the front and back of the local transportation. Among the 2, 500 trikes or tricycle, only about 1, 949 are processed while 660 have been successfully released.

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