Trekking to Mount Kanlaon Reopens

After three years of being under the Alert Level 1, Mount Kanlaon has been close for all trekkers and visitors. Still an active volcano, Mount Kanlaon is considered the highest point in Visayas with a height of 2, 465 meters above sea level.

Dating back last December 2015, the Kanlaon Volcano Ash Eruption has alerted many civilians living near the town of Canlaon. The ash eruption made an impact to both Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental, in means of tourism and safety.

It was not until May 2017, that the PHILVOCS lowered the alert status of Mount Kanlaon from Alert Level 1 to Alert Level 0. There were no more steams on Mount Kanlaon, and the heat levels have minimized as well.

According to Joan Nathaniel Gerangaya, Mount Kanlaon will be reopened to trekkers starting this July 1. The head of Special Concerns of the Negros Occidental Provincial Environment and Natural Resource Office assured the public. Increase in tourism for Mount Kanlaon will be expected and therefore tours, guides and campsites are being optimized.

Mount Kanlaon Reopens

Some trekkers have been to Mount Kanlaon after the opening. One concern of the tourism in Canlaon is that trekkers leave their trash in the summit (most are water bottles). Urging the public awareness for cleanliness, the tour guides will be requesting the travelers to bring their trash with them after the trip.

The climbing rates of Mount Canlaon is set to: Php 1, 000 for foreign trekkers and Php 500 for local trekkers. Every trip will have a limit of 10 trekkers only to minimize being lost in the mountain sides. Being the significant landmark in Negros Island Region, Mount Kanlaon will be needing the support of both governors from Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental.

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